Vision. Passion. Execution.

DILEMMA’s unique process is designed to successfully address our clients’ overall strategic and tactical needs by combining innovative elements of Madison Avenue creative exploration with traditional Hollywood story development, production and distribution.




Areas of Expertise and Services

digital media

"Digital Media" is redundant, right? All content these days originates digitally. However, with an endless array of distribution platforms, DILEMMA's unparalleled insights into the challenges and opportunities of digital and mobile first projects- such as web series, influencer marketing and social video- ensures success from concept to clicks.


DILEMMA's founder is an experienced copywriter and member of the Writers Guild of America West. His passion for writing ensures that a great script is priority number one with all projects. And our access to some of the top writers available in the film, TV and adverstising industries today guarantees your story will have a great foundation.

FILM & Television

DILEMMA's principals and strategic partners have a proven track record as artists behind some of the most successful film and television projects over the past two decades. A firm grasp of traditional, linear narrative is essential as storytellers and we are excited to currently have numerous film and television projects in our production pipeline.


The line between user generated and sponsored content continues to blur. DILEMMA bridges the creative gap between Hollywood and Madison Avenue by hand picking the most talented strategists, designers, writers, musicians and visual storytellers capable of forging emotional connections between brands and consumers.


There is no digital narrative today without social media integration and DILEMMA has been on the cutting edge of generating social content since the first days of Facebook. We continue to innovate and create success for clients by engaging new audiences on all relevant platforms via emerging opportunities in social video, mobile, publicity and more.

strategic consulting

To paraphrase a wise man; Strategy without execution is a dream. But execution without strategy is a nightmare. DILEMMA has provided strategic guidance on content and marketing initiatives for clients ranging from small brands up to giants including Rockstar Energy Drink and AT&T. We expertly remove the risks from turning dreams into reality.